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What is Kunzite?

Kunzite is beautiful stone said to possess romantic and mystical powers. Legend has it  that a lady who wears Kunzite will find and keep the lover/partner of her choice for as long as she desires. 

Kunzite’s colour can range from purple to pink and comes from the spodumene mineral. Kunzite’s colour may appear violet-pink or colourless, depending on the angle from which you look.

Stronger-coloured Kunzite is more valuable than lighter-coloured. Irradiation is used to intensify Kunzite’s colour, which comes from manganese. 

Kunzite is believed to be of good fortune. Its elastic light colours represent clarity. It can also be an indication of new life and is occasionally, viewed as a representation for pregnancy. The pink colour with an allusion of purple emits a serene mixture and maintains the moods of despair and apprehension.

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